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Top Tips for Healthy Hydration

We all know that water is essential to life, yet so many of us are chronically dehydrated. Hydration is essential for every bodily process from digestion & detoxification to energy production & regulating body temperature, just to name a few.

Increasingly, studies have demonstrated that there are ways to stay hydrated that are healthier than others. For example, drinking purified water from an Advanced Water Filter Drink Bottle, which reduces our exposure to harmful bacteria & viruses.

The paradox of the life sustaining compound H20, is that when contaminated with either other toxic chemicals or bacteria, it can be harmful. This is one of the reasons that we are advised not to drink tap water in certain countries. Even in western cultures, many of us are unaware that water can be contaminated with toxic substances such as glyphosate (chemical in herbicide, Roundup) and controversially, fluoride – stay tuned for another blog post on this topic!

Given that we rely on this compound for survival & the fact that water is a critical part of our daily life, it only makes sense that we should strive to consume the best of the best. Here are a few key reasons why investing in a BPA free filtered water bottle to drink purified water is the superior choice for our health & wellbeing:

1. Chlorine

Chlorine (yep, the same chemical that is used to disinfect swimming pools) is used to disinfect tap water. Not only can this result in an unpleasant taste & smell but it is also incredibly toxic. Sure, chlorine is effective in eliminating germs from our waterways, but at what cost? Numerous studies have shown that the cancer risk is far greater amongst those who regularly consume chlorinated tap water, when compared to those who don’t. Other health concerns associated with excess chlorine consumption include compromised immune function, reproductive problems & heart risks.

Our highest-grade glass drink bottle with carbon filter eliminates chlorine from water so you can rest assured, your water is as pure as it comes. Hold the chlorine, please!

2. Bacteria

If drinking chemical-laden water isn’t bad enough, tap water can actually contain living micro-organisms that can grow & breed. The presence of bacteria doesn’t necessarily mean the water is unsafe, except when the water contains ‘disease-causing bacteria’, known as pathogens.

Short term effects of drinking bacteria-laden water include headaches, nausea & stomach complaints.

By choosing Purified Water Bottle, you can rid yourself (& your water) of these nasties & prevent them from reproducing.

3. Taste/Smell

The unpleasant taste & smell water that often has is a sign that something isn’t right. Chlorine, bacteria & dirt, so often lurking in our water, is best identified through smell, quickly followed by taste.

Using a filtered water bottle will resolve this, for better-for-you & better-tasting water. Water should be a pleasure to drink & opting for premium filtered water is the best way to discover this for yourself. Our Brooke Water Bottle with Carbon Filters comprises of a micro-fibre membrane & a carbon filtration system to achieve professional grade purified water. Our filter is powerful enough to work for all types of water, from tap through to stream water when hiking, making it the best way to filter water whilst travelling.

Despite hydration being recognised as one of the best ways to achieve optimal health & wellbeing, there’s no doubt that we, as a society, struggle to reach our recommended daily intake. At Brooke, we’re on a mission to make it as easy, stylish & as healthy as possible to end chronic dehydration & encourage healthy hydration.

Say goodbye to unnecessary chemicals in your water & say hello to Brooke Water!

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