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About Brooke Water


Brooke Water is your modern sleek glass water bottle fitted with the highest grade consumer filter to bring you clean purified water
on the go.

The interchangeable filter is a first of its kind, with patented filter technology created specially for you.


Modern. Sleek. Functional

The filter core comprises of a
micro-fibre membrane & a carbon filtration system to achieve professional grade purified water.


You can be 100% certain you’re drinking safe water with improved taste you’ll love. The filter works for all types of water; from tap water through to stream water when hiking.


Our Planet

It’s incredibly important we look after our planet. Single-use water bottles and plastics are damaging on the environment & contribute to landfill.


Brooke’s high quality borosilicate glass water bottles are not only reusable, they are built to last.

Enjoy clean purified water

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