Our purpose

OriginWater Group Pty Ltd (Brooke Water parent company) is an established water filtration company founded in 2001. The company was created with one simple goal; to provide mechanisms that would guarantee people could have pure water to drink. Since our establishment OriginWater Group has successfully brought hundreds of thousands of people beautiful filtered water to drink through our nanofiltration and other filtration technologies.

How we started

The company was first started to address the problem of clean water in China. As China experienced the surges of the economic boom manufacturing skyrocketed. The pollution from the industrialisation of the country contaminated many of the freshwater sources around the country. Vast proportions of the population no longer had access to the clean water that they had traditionally used. East Asia ranks highest for the percentage of the population in the region that does not have access to a clean water source. According to China’s State Environmental Protection Administration over 60% of Chinese rivers are now so polluted that they can no longer be used as a safe water source. By 2000 over 300 million Chinese did not have access to clean water.

What we have accomplished

We are proud that our innovation led to OriginWater Group receiving a spot on the Forbes China 200 Businesses under a Billion list in 2016. It is through this system that we, at OriginWater Group, aim to bring clean and fresh water to as many people as possible. With the systems that we have created we can achieve great things, and make the world a safer, healthier, better place. 

What's new?

Summer 2019, with our continuous expansion; we have created a new business brand called Brooke Water, which focus on "water filtration on the go technology". The goal of this brand is to transform our existing commercial water filtration technologies into our new range of consumer products so we can reach out to more people that can benefit from drinking healthier and more pure water. Brooke Water is trading under the umbrella of OriginWater Group.

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