1. Why do I need a water filter? 


A water filter can remove rust, pathogens, chlorine and unpleasant tastes etc. Filtering water is essential for a good quality of life.

2. How does this technology differ to other water filters?


The technology is based on a unique nano-filtration membrane, combined with activated carbon. It removes organics, bacteria, viruses, residual chlorine and fluoride and effectively retains minerals required by the human body.

3. Which product requires installation?


Brooke under the sink ultra-filtration and nano-filtration requires installation. Brooke above the sink ultra-filtration is a simple DIY attachment to your kitchen sink tap.

4. Which product requires a water source?


Brooke ultra-filtration under and above the sink, and Brooke nano-filtration under the sink.

5. Which produce requires electricity?


Brooke nano-filtration above the sink. This machine can replace your kettle as it also produces boiling water.

6. What % of fluoride and chlorine is filtered out?


The removal of fluoride is above 88.6%. The removal of chlorine is up to 99%.

7. What is the difference between ultra-filtration and nano-filtration?


Ultra-filtration has a pore size of 0.01 microns. It removes colloidal particles such as rust and silt, some organics (e.g. pesticide residue), bacteria and viruses.


Nano-filtration has a pore size of 0.001 microns. It effectively removes organics, bacteria, viruses, and residual chlorine, and can reduce water hardness. Most importantly, it retains minerals required by the human body.

8. What is the difference between reverse osmosis and nano-filtration?


Reverse osmosis removes almost all contaminants that may be of concern (including dissolved solids) from the water. Nano-filtration effectively removes organics, bacteria, viruses, and residual chlorine. It retains minerals (dissolved solids) required by the human body.

9. How much are the replacement cartridges and where can these be bought?


The carbon cartridge for our ultra-filters needs to be replaced every 6-12months (there will be an indicator light on the machine), costing approx. $60AUD with free delivery.


The nano-filter cartridges for our nano-filters need to be replaced approximately every 6-12 months (there will be an indicator light), costing $120AUD. Free delivery.


Replacement cartridges can be bought online or via email.


10. Will the product work overseas?


Yes. Please note that the machine uses an Australian plug.

11. What should we do if the water button is pressed but no water comes out?

Please check, the cartridge is fully pushed in and locked, or The top cover and lid are closed properly, or The water tank is placed in the right position, or The tank water level is above the minimum required one, or To dispose of the remaining water and refill the water tank with tap water.

12. What should we do if the Brooke Ultra Filter tap is leaking?


Please check the sink tap is fully closed. A one off air release of the  cartridge may also need to be performed. This can be done by opening the cartridge cover and pressing the small white button on top of the cartridge 

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